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right2recovery is about the fight against addiction
- a shared responsibility of all human beings

This book will serve as a help to the millions of addicts that are suffering every day.

Addicts are in many contexts being looked upon as a less worthy specimen than their fellow humans who do not have an addiction.

The author argues that the root of addiction is to be found, and addressed, at the emotional level. Therefore the book does not pay much attention to the rational aspects of dealing with addiction.

The book will also support people who do not suffer from any addiction to understand how their loved ones can repeatedly disappoint them and keep choosing addiction over the love, affection, and attention of the non-addict.

A lot of the pages in this book have been written through tears. Itís inevitable. Itís part of the job of fighting addiction.

The author has lowered his defenses and is telling what is really going on inside the mind of an addict in a most candid and sincere way.